Thursday, August 27, 2009

August 27, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Hello Everyone!

Another week down and that means I only hav less than two weeks left. I'm so excited not only because I will be sent out to the mission field but because I will aslo get my flight plans today or tomorrow! I hope everything is going well with everyone. Things here have been amazing, well unforgetable, and I'm truely thankful that I have gotten the opportunity to be a part of them.

So this last Sunday was a special Sunday because is was the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication and it was amazing. The talks were amazing...especially hearing the sacrifices that people make to get to the temple. It makes me more grateful that I have always had the opportunity to go to one, and most of all that I didn't have to sacrifice a lot to get to one, unlike other members of the Church who have to save for years! It's truely humbling to hear those stories. There was this one story about a family who could only get 4 of their children to come with the parents to get sealed together for all eternity, while the other 6 had to stay behind. How disheartening that is, to only have part of your family and not the whole thing. The spirit was so strong in that meeting and I'm so thankful that we got the opportunity to be a part of that meeting.

Every tuesday we have a devotional with a leader of the Church and sometimes we get the opportunity to hear from the General Authorities. This week we got that opportunity! It was AMAZING! We got to hear from Richard G. Scott and what an inspired man. To see him put his prepared talk aside and to listen to the spirit to know what all of us needed to hear. I have gained a better testimony of the apostles of the Lord. At the beginning of the meeting he asked who was learning a new language. He then proceeded and gave us a blessing of the gift of tongues and of protection. He could have given a normal blessing but instead he chose and said "I normally don't do this but I will use my apostolic powers to give you these blessings in the name of Jesus Christ." How amazing is that? I know he is an inspired man and I know that those blessings have been given to us by an apostle of the Lord. So yeah amazing week, huh?

Apart from those amazing spiritual experiences, I got to host more missionaries this week. Pretty legit. Anyways during the week our district decided that we should practice interpreting so that we can gain better reception skills. I did it from spanish to ASL and apparently I did great! To think that I'm to only person here at the MTC that can translate spanish to ASL is amaizing. I'm so grateful that I have that ability and I know that with that ability I will be able to bless the lives of others. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and I can't wait to get out in the mission field.

I miss you all so much but I know that I still need to be here. Afterall Christ sacrificed His life for the service of others so the least I can do is sacrifice two years of my life. Love you all, and I will talk to you next week!

Elder Leavell


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