Saturday, August 8, 2009

To all July,30,2009.

Saturday, August 8, 2009
Hey Everyone!

     It's been nice to hear from all of you! I know I might say that every single time but it's like christmas everytime someone gets mail!
     This past week has definitely been another interesting one with my companion. He is struggling with finding his purpose here, but the problem is that the teachers and my branch president thinks that he is trying to find an excuse to get sent out of here, which is really unfortunate. At first it was around me, where he treated me like scum but it was only a matter of time where he would start acting the same around my teachers and my branch president. When they ask him why he decided to serve a mission he says I don't know and serving a mission is not special at all. I honestly care for him, I want him to succeed but at the same time it's really hard to motivate dead weight to start moving again. So if you could pray for him to decide what he really wants to do, whether it is to stay or leave, pray that he can have the peace of heart and mind in whatever he decides. 
     Other than that the MTC has been an amazing experience, the language has been coming along, slow but coming, and the teachers are still surprised how things have come to me concerning the language. This week is my frist week where we are teaching in American Sign Language so it's been stressful trying to be able to not think in English since the grammar is not the same. But we have been teaching two principles of the plan of salvation every day and it's been going well so far. Tomorrow we teach the whole lesson in ASL at the TRC so wish me luck with that! Something that I had barely noticed this week about ASL is that even if you don't know the sign, you can play charades (I hope that is how you spell it) and describe the thing that you want to say. Our class moto is "Show don't tell" and to me that means a lot. Since you can play charades with what you are teaching you can put some of yourself into the lesson, instead of just teaching the lesson and testifying that it's true. I'm not saying that you can't do that in a speaking language but after teaching here at the MTC I have noticed that when you teach a deaf person you are not just leaving the message with them, but you are also leaving yourself and I think that it's truely an amazing thing! The only down side to that is that a lot of the deaf community is not ready to hear the message but when you do find someone, you first have to build a relationship with them and then teach them the lesson.

     Anyways I have been truely humbled by the experiences I have had at the MTC. It's been really difficult to overcome the obstacles that the adversary has put before me but I know that I'm here not for myself but for the Lord. I know that I have been put with my companion for a reason, whether I may not like it at times, I know that Lord is trying to teach me something and I hope that I can learn it and be able to exemplify it so that I can become a better missionary. I hope that all of you are doing really well! I hope that the weather in Vegas isn't to killer because I know it can get that way! and I hope to hear from all of you soon!

Elder leavell


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