Monday, September 21, 2009

Heeyy Everyone! Sept.21, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009
Heeyy Everyone!

     How are you all doing? It's always great to hear from all of you and I'm glad that everything is going well with all of you. Anyways this has been another eventful week, but I think that is how the mission goes in general.

     Anyways, this week I started driving because Elder Baliach is leaving and Elder Cordy still hasn't gotten his driving record in so I have been given that responsibility. It actually isn't that much different than driving in Las Vegas but it's funny that I had nearly forgotten how it felt to drive. haha. But as far as my investigators, we have SO many that it's hard to maintain a constant visit with all of them. We are so blessed by the Lord and it's very evident that the Lord is placing people in our path to teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. On Thursday we had the baptism interview with David Turner, who has been a golden investigator. But as he was being interviewed, he mentioned something that had to be addressed by the mission presidency, so that was quite unfortunate. Anyways, we planned the 2nd interview for Saturday because he was scheduled to get baptized this last Sunday. But that didn't work out either...we had totally forgotten that it was the Jewish New Year and Yumcipor (i think that is how you spell it) so his aunt (who he lives with) didn't allow him to leave, even though he is in his late 40s or 50s. So all that fell through and it was a huge bummer. But it's interesting to see how the Lord works with deaf people and how they are in some cases more in tune with the Spirit. That same Thursday we had planned to meet this guy Mario Alfaro, who was an investigator awhile ago but didn't go to church. Anyways, we drove to Compton and knocked on doors to see if anyone knew him...and from the looks of it the people around there were not to fond of us. Sort of scary. Oh well, but as we were walking back to the car, Elder Baliach saw him even though he was facing away from us and we had never seen him before. It was truely amazing because I know if I would have been in the same situation I would have walked right by him and wouldn't have noticed him. But it's so amazing to see the Spirit working with all of us, not just one but all of us because we are all worthy of having that Spirit that gives us inspiration from the Lord. It's so surreal sometimes that it's hard to think that you aren't doing this but the Spirit is. Anyways...another investigator family is the Maravilla family. They are scheduled to get baptized October 11th and they are by far the best family we have. They would be baptized right now but one of their kids is on probation. It's amazing to see the changes that he is making to be ready when that probationary time is over. We taught them about the plan of salvation and we have this video that is in all ASL, that acts it out instead of preaching so it's amazing. But as we were watching it the wife was crying her eyes out when it came to the part when the husband and wife were seperated because the wife had passed away (sort of like the Notebook movie but better because they would be together again). It was so amazing to see that light in her eyes when she discovered that her wedding vows were more than just "till death do us part" but that they could be "for time and all eternity." How great is the gospel of Jesus Christ that it brings families together not just for this life but for all eternity as well. How great is it to have that power and authority to seal our families for all of time and eternity. It's truely a blessing and such an inspiration to me to know that I will be able to see my family in the life to come. But going back to the wife, after she got her emotions together, she signed to us, I want that. Is it possible that I can have that as well? It was so amazing to see that ernest quesion that came from the soul. I'm so glad to be here and to witness all of these amazing miracles!

I think that is it for my investigators but before I go I want to share something with you that I have noticed while being here. I had recently finished reading the Book of Mormon and I decided that I would read it again cover to cover. It's amazing that I had forgotten the same first sentence that Nephi says, "I, Nephi, being born of godly parents" I hadn't really noticed the significance of that sentence but I think I have found out the true meaning of that. Yes, we have earthly parents here, that even though the circumstances might not be the best, they still are our parents and they are always loving. In some cases families are seperated but there is at least one parent that takes the child under it's wing and does the best it can to raise and nuture the child to become the best it can be. But something I had forgotten is that I also have a loving Heavenly Father, who presented this plan to us, who gave us the option to follow Him or the adversary. I know that we all chose to follow him, so how great is our faith already, yes we might not remember, but we had that faith to know that His plan would work so that we could become like our Father in Heaven. How great is His love, that He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, to better help us, to nurture us so that we can overcome the obstacles that have been set in front of us by the adversary. I'm so thankful for that inspiration that I received by re-reading the Book of Mormon. I know that is it the true word of God because he gave us that first sentence "being born of godly parents." I know that he gave us that first sentence because he knew that the adversary would attack the families the most so that we would forget the value of families here on this life and in the life to come. How blessed I am to know that we were presented with this plan to obtain a body and go through life to gain experience. So yeah, I'm so thankful to be here on the mission because I have noticed how blessed I am because I am worthy and I'm grateful for having this privalage. It's sad to hear that those 3 Elders came home Sister Ludwig. I know that I'm worthy and most of all I know that I will not give up becuase the deaf people in LA need this message of happiness and I know that I could never forgive myself if I made a silly mistake because I didn't want to follow the rules. I know if we are obidient that the Lord will provide in everyway, and I know that I still have a lot to learn but with the Lord's help I know I can do anything.

As always it's nice to hear from all of you and I hope to hear from all of you again. Hope all is well!

Elder Leavell


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