Tuesday, October 6, 2009

¡Buenos días! Oct.5, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009
¡Buenos días!

     How are you all doing?! Hope nothing too bad has gone over there...wouldn't want that. Lots of changes with transfers and general conference so its been an awesome week!

     Sooo...as you know I have been sick and trying to make it through the week was a big task but I made it. I still have lots of headaches, so I think I will have to go to the doctor for reals this week. It's hard because we have 12 investigators with a baptism date and that's big in the ASL program AND our Branch President has asked us to meet with 10 less active families. So it's really hard to keep up with all the work that needs to be done within 3 missions with 1 companionship. We have been praying that the Lord will provide a way to help us do all of this, but it's sad because no matter how hard we plan we can't really visit the people who are just investigating and don't have a baptism date. That means going to the doctor would be a near impossible task in trying to figure out a time that we can do everything that we need to do. But I'm really happy about the work we have done so far. 

     Last week managed to be a great week even with transfers because our entire zone got changed around except for us of course. We decided to visit this less active family, the Little Family, who has a hearing grandson who's mom actually lives in Las Vegas. I was not feeling too well at that time so I was letting Elder Cordy take the reins for a little bit but the Spirit prompted me to talk to the kid. I decided to ignore it and watched what Elder Cordy was saying. But the Spirit kept persisting until it made me talk to the little kid Adrian. His parents are divorced and has deaf grandparents, so I felt for the kid because he has no one to really talk to. So we talked about school and things that he liked and he mentioned church...which of course led to me teaching him about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He fell in love with it. He asked questions and I answered, he asked some more and then I answered, and then it sank in when we gave him a Book of Mormon. I then proceded told him to read, think, and pray as it says on the Introduction page and he said he would. Yesterday we had to call in for numbers so I decided to call him before to follow up on how he was doing. I asked him if he did the things I asked him and he said "Yes I have! I read and it was confusing, I thought about the things I have read, and then I prayed and I received an answer...(and with excitment, he said)THERE IS NO WAY THIS BOOK ISN'T TRUE! When can I be baptized?" I was shocked, no lie. No wonder the Lord tells us to become like a child, how great is their faith and great is their willingness to believe. He is going to be baptized on November 1st if all goes well :)

     The Maravilla family is doing well...they finally got Juan's probation ankle thing off. So now they can come to Church. But last night the pipe in their bathroom broke and flooded the whole house as they were sleeping so this morning we did some service for them. But they are so excited to go to Church and the greatest thing is that you can see the light in their eyes already. They are so ready to be baptized...but that is when the dad can get off work.

     So yeah that was my week and of course Saturday and Sunday were general conference days and it was amazing! It's interesting to note that the theme of this conference was keeping the commandments and taking responsibilities for our own actions. I remember the last two themes were (1) preparing for the economic downturn and then (2) how to deal with the economic downturn. How great is to have a prophet who talks with the Lord and helps us during these turbulant times. For this week I decided to share some things from General Conference that I wrote down. This General Conference was amazing! I'm not going to lie Elder Holland has yet to disappoint me. Wow. That's all I can say...wow. After listening to that talk who can doubt that the Book of Mormon is true? Wow. haha. Sorry I thought that it was amazing and it blew my mind as well as everyone else. Another talk I liked was from Elder L. Tom Perry's talk about the temple in Manti and how it was constructed. I remember the quote he gave from Ronald Reagan, it said "I don't want to go to the past, I want to go to the past way of dealing with the future." I never thought of it that way. I haven't thought much about the things that have been said...but all I know is that I have been inspired to follow the commandments of the Lord more diligently. I know that these economic times have brought much sorrow to the lives of others and I know that it puts doubt in our mind of whether there is a God or not, I know that because a lot of our investigators have asked those questions. But I testify that this is the Lord's way of loving us. He wants us to learn, how He learned-through experience. There is no other way to learn to ride a bike other than by trial and error. How would it be different for life? I know that some would say it's different but that is because they want it to be different. I think I have noticed that our Church is so happy because we loose ourselves in the act of service. I came up with this as President Monson was talking, the cure to a man's broken heart is to give others his heart to fix the heart of others. There is a reason why our Church members are so happy, there is a reason why the Lord has asked us to loose ourselves in the act of service, because it brings happiness. President McKay said that service is the gospel. Even our Heavenly Fathers plan of salvation is an act of service, He gave His only begotten Son as an act of service, and for who? For all of us so that we may return to live with Him and so that we may become more like Him in the life to come. I testify that during these tough times we must search for the Lord diligently and in all ways so that we may obtain happiness and eternal life. There is no other way. I'm so happy that I have the opportunity, because I'm worthy, so share the gospel, to share the plan of happiness to others who are so desperate and searching for that happiness. I know this Church is true and most of all I know that the Book of Mormon is true becuase the Lord still talks to us the same way he did yesterday, today and forever more. If not why do we pray the same way that the people did in the times of the Bible? I know that Jesus Christ lives and I know that He has given us this gospel for our eternal happiness.

     Anyways I love you all soooo much and I miss you soooo much. I hope all is going well and I hope that I hear from you soon!

Take Care,
Elder Leavell


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