Monday, October 19, 2009

¡Hola! October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009
Hello again!
So lets see where do I start...this week has been a weird week because we have had a lot of meetings and interviews so we haven't gotten that much time to go out and teach.

Tuesday I had a 13 day training even though mine was like a 30 day training haha. It was 4 hours long but I got to meet the other missionaries that came in, so that was a nice experience. After the meeting we visited the Little Family again. We had decided that we had to leave them with a strong commitment to come to church, otherwise, we knew that they wouldn't come because after all it has been 12 years since the last time they came. I got the chance to talk to Adrian again and we had a good lesson. But I then asked him to tell his grandma why he thought that going to church was so important, and then he started to cry. I was really nervous becuase I didn't know what was happening, neither did his grandma. He eventually got calm enough to sign to his grandma and I felt that the Spirit was so strong. I knew that Adrian felt it, I knew that the grandma felt it, and most of all I knew that I felt it. So I decided to talk with the grandma and I asked her what she was feeling? She didn't say anything. But I know that the Spirit told me to tell her, I know you felt the Spirit why are you denying it? She then said, how do you know that? I didn't know what to say, I just knew because the Spirit had told me. So I told her that and hoped for the best. She then started crying. I then told her that she needed to go to church and she finally said yes. I was so happy and I left that lesson proud and filled with the Spirit. After that we went to the Maravilla family to see how they were doing. They haven't been going to church and they explained why. Their son Juan Jr. doesn't want to go and if they leave him alone his friends will come over and they would steal their things. We decided to come over later that week with a member to see if we could motivate him to come to church.

The following day we had interviews with the President, which took longer than expected because they were running really behind schedule so that threw all our plans off. But it was really good. We got permission to go to the deaf expo in Ontario and to get a VP, Video Phone, so that we could be more productive since we are the only Elders in the program. Plus deaf people can't speak English and/or are too poor to have a cell phone, so it's hard to get in contact with them. But you should see some of the texts we get, sometimes we have to sign what they say to understand more but even then you can't understand sometimes. It's really funny actually. Anyways we visited a lot of Less Actives the whole day and we got the opportunity to do some service for one of our investigators, we drove him around to get some things done because it was raining really bad and he doesn't have a working car. So that was a good experience for both him and us to build that trust.

Friday we did service most of the day for a couple of our members. We first had another meeting, starting to realize all missionary work is meetings haha. We had a DDM where I gave a spiritual thought about the Atonement. I sort of cheated and used some of the things from my farewell talk. Shhh...don't tell anyone. When that was over we went to lunch at the mall and I was talking with my district leader waiting in line with him becuase we had a lunch appointment. Then this guy comes up to us and says "I got this." I still wasn't going to get any food because I didn't want him to buy me food when someone else was going to feed me. But he comes up to us again and says "why aren't you getting any food?" So I ordered some food and ate it. It was really good though, you can never go wrong with Panda haha. But I was stuffed at that point. We then went to the Martinez Family where they gave us lunch. I never thought I could eat that much, I thought that I was going to expolde. After that we chopped up their garage door that was broken and had fallen down. It wasn't heavy or anything, it was just really hard to carry when you had to avoid all the ants that were crawling all over us. haha. Really awkward. But I was still really full so that made it even more awkward.

Sunday came around and it was going to be a normal Sunday I thought at least. But my MTC teachers showed up and I was so surprised! I loved that they came and visited, it was like a family reunion! It was great talking with them again and seeing how they interacted with the people in our Branch. That made me so happy! They told me more about the new Elder that comes in a month and they said we will get along really well. So I'm also excited for that. Anyways that made my week!

About the spiritual thought, I don't have time this week to give one. Partially becuase I didn't prepare one, but next week for sure. I have to run but I love and miss you all and I hope everything back home is going really well! Take Care!
Elder Leavell


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