Monday, November 9, 2009

Hmm...was that a miracle?

Monday, November 9, 2009
Transfers are this hopefully nothing too dramatic will happen. The good thing about the ASL program is that not much can happen, so you know what will happen for at least two transfers. BUT transfers are still transfers so anything can happen.

Anyways this week we had a lot more meetings and a lot of lessons, which was a great thing. Tuesday we went to go visit David Turner, my first baptism, and as usual we had a great time teaching him. Elder Cordy was teaching and I noticed the his VP -video phone- was ringing so I answered and it so happened that to be some really good friends of mine, the San Diego Elders. At first we were confused but I guess David Turner knew Elder Peterson who is Elder Carlson's companion now. So it was great getting to talk with them for a little and it was also great getting to see and talk with my first companion. They don't have as much work but they seem to be making great progress on making their branch bigger, even though it's about 8 constant members going :) That same day we had a meeting with our Branch President and our Mission President concerning the future of the program. It was INTENSE but a great meeting! But our boundries now are cut unfortunately. We don't cover the Long Beach and/or the Arcadia Missions because according to Salt Lake records those are not the boundry lines for the Branch. So we are stuck in a little dilema...we can't go visit those other less active families and our investigators who we have been concentrating on for this last transfer. Luckily we got some good news from President concerning that and that is that the Church is going to get some video phones and that we will get to use them when they are finally installed in the Church, so hopefully they will get here soon! Our mission president had some really high expectations for us because eventually I will be the oldest missionary in the program, since Elder Cordy will be transferred out in February. He said (1) plan more effectively, WHY? (2) To find more work because he can't put more missionaries in a program that doesn't have work, HOW? (3) and to be exactly obidient so that we can receive those blessings of more people to teach. He didn't say the reasons behind it but he said it in that order and after thinking about it the reasons came to my mind. It's amazing to have such a leader that so insync with the Lord and who is an inspired man. He is such a great person, who is flawless in my eyes as well as Elder Pace from the Seventy when he came for last zone conference. I'm truely honored and blessed to have President Blackburn as my mission president.

After the meeting we went straight home to go to bed since it was about 9:20pm when it ended. Wednesday morning we had to wake up really early and be at the mission home at 7 to do service at the temple. I had the marvelous opportunity to do yard work that includes cutting, gathering, carrying, digging, and raking. I was so exhausted by the end of it, well correction, everyone who was outside was exhausted that it felt like it was the end of the day when in fact it was only 2:30pm :) Missionary work freaking sucks...hahaha no I love it. I love having that exhausted feeling and knowing that you are doing the Lord's work, there is really no greater feeling. Something funny was the Elder Cordy was inside dusting of all things! Gosh that got me frustrated haha no. I just told him that he had to cook me dinner :D That night we went to eat with David Spencer when Mission President called and told us some more things about the ASL program. I was a little freaked out then but that's because I thought I was going to go to the hearing program...I mean the spanish/english program since this is a Bilingual mission but I will address that later in the email.

As the week went on we visited more less active families and the Maravilla family, who is our most solid family for now. The husband still has problems working out Sundays to go to church because of his work. It's really sad to see that the problems that everyone has to go through but I know that it's worth it. We had a lesson with them about faith and keeping the sabbath day holy. While we were teaching I felt compelled to leave them a blessing, a blessing that if Juan Sr. keeps asking his boss for Sunday off that his boss' heart will soften and say yes, and if not that if he makes the sacrifice to quit his job to go to church, that he will find another one. The spirit was so strong in that meeting it was amazing. I know that they felt it and it gave them more confidence to do the things necessary to enter the waters of baptism as a family. Juan Jr. on the other hand is still struggling. He never wants to go to church so we tried to get a hold of him this week but he was never home.

Something really amazing happened this week though that showed us that we were being worthly enough to receive those blessings that our President promised us. A couple weeks ago we received a referral from Temple Square in Salt Lake, which NEVER happens. So we went over there and she wasn't home. We tried 2 more times after that, at different times of the day, and still nothing. After 3 attempts and still nothing we decided that we couldn't make the drive all the way to down town just for here since she is the only one in that area. We had splits again on friday, I was with Neil and Elder Cordy had splits with Tony Venegas. After ZDM we went to go pick him up and when we got there he was getting his VP installed. The lady working for Sorenson then asked us if we were LDS and obviously we said yes haha. What shocked us at the time was that she said I want a Book of Mormon...hmmmm...the only reason why people ask for one is that they are either Anti or they are doing it as a we were like ok...haha. No, Elder Cordy asked her where she lived and she gave us the cross streets which were exactly the same ones for Rochelle Kim, the referral. How sick is that?! We were left in silence after that, it was my first miracle that has happened on the mission, well no everything that we do works through miracles, but this one was very impactful for me because it was that obvious. After that miracle of ours, I went with Neil to visit the Maravilla family where I gave her the same blessing so that she could help her husband decide what he needed to do. We would have visited more people but Neil got us stuck in traffic so that took up like an hour and a half haha :) LA is amazing sometimes! But luckily Elder Cordy and I now know when to go on each highway so taht we can avoid traffic and be as effective as we can since we have lots of ground to cover.

I regret to say that this week I don't have a spiritual thought this week. I hope that the miracle is suffice. I know that this work is what I need to be doing and it's not easy, but with the spirit anything is possible. As you can tell our mission is blessed, as well as everyone elses because we have and are still acquiring the fruits of the spirit as it says in Galations. This is the Lord's work. I love you and miss you all! Best wishes! :)

Elder Leavell


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