Monday, December 28, 2009

A great Christmas indeed

Monday, December 28, 2009
So this past week was Christmas and it was a great one to say the least. Thanks for all the letters and packages everyone they were great!

This week we didn't get a lot of work done because we had to be home at 6 Christmas eve and Christmas day. But during the week we got a person to commit to baptism! His name is George and he is going to get baptized on January 3, which is this Sunday. So that was the exciting news with our investigators. Other than that nothing much else happened with the people who we are teaching. But since it was Christmas I got to call home and it was great. I got to talk to some of my extended family that I haven't seen or heard of for a long time! It was great. Even though I wasn't at home I really felt the spirit that was there as we were all celebrating the birth of the Savior. I'm so grateful to have a family and so grateful that we are all really close. Here in LA you don't see much of that and it was refreshing to talk to my family. It was funny because my parents thought that I only had like 5 minutes so they were passing the phone along really fast so i could talk to everyone haha. Gotta love those moments. But the time went by too fast it felt like 15 minutes when in fact it was about an hour. Gosh I miss you all but I know this is where I need to be.

I thought I'd share something from my journal today so here it goes:
In my personal study today I continued reading the New Testament to fulfill the mission challenge and once again something hit me that changed my view on the Savior and His atonement. In John 12 and in other parts of the New Testament there is a constant scripture in all the gospels and its something that goes along with the one in John, it says: "He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. But what amazes me about the account in the gospel of John is what the Savior said afterwards. The Savior says, "Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say?..." To me this shows the true humility that the Savior has towards our Heavenly Father for many reasons, but specifically because He has been given power and dominon over everything on this earth; yet He still seeks guidance from the one on high. How great of an example is that? To still maintain the same humility even when we have received everything. But the Savior doesn't stop there, he takes it a step further to show all mankind how we should act in our efforts to glorify the name of our Father. He said, "...Father, save me from this hour:but for this cause come I unto this hour...Father, glorify the name..." The Lord could have at this point caused a great sign to come forth for the welfare of others, but instead He follows the guidance of the Father just as we should take heed and listen to the spirit. In the Book of Mormon we also read of valiant men with true humility as well. When Nephi broke his bow he still searched and sought after the guidance of his father Lehi, even after the prophet himself had murmured against the Lord. Not to brownnose, not to gain power over him, but because we should always seek the counsel from those who are in higher authoity than us, even if we disagree. It's truly amazing how the Lord was perfect in every single way, even that of perfect humility.

Anyways I love and miss you all. It was hard being away from home but the mission is so worth it. I'm learning so much and I can't wait to share all the crazy experiences I had while I have been out here. Hope all is going well. Take Care.

Elder Leavell


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