Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another week down

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
So this week went by pretty slow for some reason but none the less a lot of things happened and, of course, we were crazy busy.

Unfortuneatly, I may have failed to tell you all, I got really really sick two weeks ago and I haven't been able to get over it. The doctors don't really know what I have so we will see what happens with that. Anyways, the reason I mention that is because everyday has been a struggle but the Lord has blessed me in my efforts as we went out to work. On tuesday I went on splits with my district leader, Elder Chambers, and it was awesome! We went out tracting for about 2 hours and (literally) everyone was home. It felt like a saturday. Elder Chambers and I worked really well together and it was evident that the spirit was with us because everyone wanted to listen to us and was also participating, which never happens in this area. Looking back I think that was the first time that I enjoyed tracting. Haha. After that we did some service, which by the way was my first time being out of the ASL program. Overall, those splits were some of the best splits that I have had so far on the mission. Elder Chambers kept making the joke that he was looking at a future zone leader haha (too bad that will never happen :) well...probably not).

Other than that there was not much else that happend. "The fam" from Elder Lovelace's area are doing great, I was so excited to see them again and they were too, which made it even better. Chris, although not my investigator, talks to me a lot and he said that he is going to get baptized soon so I'm so excited for him. Gosh. They are so great and they have made some big changes in their lives and are becoming more united despite all the hard things they are going through right now. To me they have strengthened my testimoy of how the gospel blesses the families.

Funny story, on Sunday, Elder Gishie and Elder Welling were busy and "the fam" wasn't going to come to church once again and Chris was suppossed to come but he got lazy. So...I took my splits companion and drove overthere and busted in the house and started looking for Chris. Chris was in his bedroom, "sick" covered in blankets and so when I walked in his room I ripped them off and told him to come to church haha. Funny thing was that he was ready, sort of, but didn't want to walk there by himself, so I walked with him and my splits companion drove along side of us. Yeah a lot of people got mad at us :) haha oh well people need to be happier and they can do that by going to church. So quick recap: Chris wasn't going to go to church, we drove over there quickly (not spoeding), ripped his blankets off, got him ready, and walked him to church=good times on the mission. Haha.

Well I hope everything is going well with all of you. I will try to be more consistent with my letters but the mission is getting pretty crazy, so you will have to be patient with me. I love and miss you sooo much. Hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Leavell


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