Monday, February 1, 2010


Monday, February 1, 2010
Hey Hey Hey how's everyone doing? I hope everything for all of you hasn't been as chaotic as it has been for me.

Since transfers are coming up this wednesday (we find out tonight or tomorrow night...eek!) everyone is slowing figuring out where everyone is going through transfer "chisme". It's sort of funny but it's what happens and I'm not going to lie I'm into it too. haha. Anyways this week me and Elder Salas went on splits tuesday and friday and each day went great! On tuesday I went with Elder Clark, our District Leader, on splits and we had a really effective day. We received a referral from him the other day so on tuesday we decided that we would try and contact this lady named Rut. She is the husband of Sister Ortega's husband-to-be (hopefully that makes sense). So we decided to contact her and also some formers that are on the same street and inbetween those people we tracted. For some reason the formers were not there, but obviously as missionaries we don't believe in coincidences, and we met a couple of people who seemed really interested and we taught some great lessons to them. It was around 3 when we finally got to Rut's door and let me say she is a golden investigator. She is so ready to get baptized already and I can't wait till I see that day. We started teaching her and she has this sort of saying, she says "and that's the way it is." I don't think that I have heard anyone say that before and even Elder Clark mentioned that he had never heard anyone say that before either - well at least in that type of conotation. As we were teaching her baby started crying and so that is where the lesson ended but then she gave us lunch/dinner. To be honest the lunch/dinner was great but we already had two other dinners planned so oh my goodness I thought I was going to die that day from eating so much!

That was the best day of the week in my perspective but a lot of people went to church on sunday so that was great! I sat with Kevin the whole time and he was curious about a lot of things. Funny thing is that he didn't really pay attention to the person giving a talk and in the middle of it he goes, "what is she talking about again?" and I didn't know so we laughed. Good times. I finally got him to commit to baptism on the 14th of March so I'm really excited for that. Too bad I probably won't be in the area to teach him some more but oh well. At least I can come back and see his baptism. He is a great kid with a lot of ambition and I know that he knows the Church is true and he also knows that as well, so I know that he will enter the waters of baptism before that, all he needs is a push.

Antyways I hope all is well with all of you! I hope that you remember to keep reading, praying, and going to church, just as we ask all the people we talk to as well. I know that if we follow the basic principles of the gospel that we will be able to be happier and become more like our Heavenly Father, for that is His great plan of happiness. I know that if we didn't have the gospel in our lives that we wouldn't be able to find that happiness and I'm so very thankful for it, as well as all of you should. I love and miss you all! Take Care.

Elder Leavell


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