Monday, March 8, 2010

And we followed the Sprit

Monday, March 8, 2010
What's up everyone? How have you all been? Hope all is goind well whereever you are at. Sod down over here in LA things are going well, especially because we found some new investigators! Sadly it wasn't with my companion but he will get to know them soon enough.

This past week went by really slow at the beginning of the week again. My companion is super trunky and all he thinks about is that he is going home soon. They are the worst because you have to drag them all over the place and hope they don't get distracted by something that reminds them of home. Oh well. At least the work is still moving. Anyways when wednesday rolled around we finally decided to go to this Samoan's homethat lives in our area, the Roberts. They are less active, well inactive, and we were given their name as referral to go visit. We knocked on the door and they were really surprised to see us but as we shared our message of tithing thet became even more surprised. Come to find out the Roberts can't come to church because they are both working 2 jobs just to manage. It's really sad but they made a commitment, at the beginning of the year, to pay their tithing every week. The interesting part was that the day we came was the first week that they hadn't paid their tithing since the beginning of the year. How sick is that?! We promised them that if they would prepare themselves to follow every other commandment that they would both find new jobs that pay better and would allow them to have sunday off. So hopefully they will keep their end of the deal.

Alright the other great thing that happened was when I went on splits with my zone leader, Elder Gardner. He's black and from Alabama, so you can assume all the stereotypes are true because they are. Haha we have a joke that has become his theme, "there is only a loud and louder when he talks." Love it. After planning and waking up, we decided to make some cookies for breakfast (yeah I know it's healthy) and guess what happened? I burned myself. So what did I do? I put oil and salt on the burn just like my mom did when it happened to her, I guess it's some mexican cure, but it didn't do anything since I still have a nasty scar! (Mom I tried applying something that you taught me so take comfort in that). Funny thingwas we didn't have any salt so I knocked on the neighbor's door and she looked at me weird when I told her to sprinkle some on my burn. Haha. Then come to find out, in asian culture when someone asks for salt that means you peed your pants or wet the bed. Haha, so now the neighbor thinks I have a problem. Oh well I tried and taht is what counts. After the small crisis we went to starbucks to wait for a referral that didn't end up coming. Lame. Another funny thing, Elder Gardner is allergic to coffee so even going inside would make him sick. Anyways the rest of the day we went tracting and surprisingly it went by really fast. Almost every door someone answered. Now this is where two people we came across made it funny. We knocked into this lady, Laura, who from the first moment we talked to her she was excited to talk to us and said "are you mormons? Oh I know your church is true." What the freak? No one says that, literally. I may have gotten a little too excited but she left for two seconds and that's when the gardner came and I started sneezing from the cut grass. I then made a joke saying that it was interesting being allergic to grass and yet playing on it every day of my life. As we were laughing Laura came back and thought we were laughing at her and then for some reason blamed everything on me saying that I'm not humble but my companion is. We were both really confused and perplexed but luckily we explained everything and she calmed down (we are meeting her this coming week). Then a couple doors later came the "Jewtholic." Now let me explain. His name is David, he is 55, has a mom who is catholic and a dad who is Jewish, and is a tad bit confused (more than a tad actually). The thing with this guy was that he was raised with both beliefs, stayed in a catholic home and learned everything catholic but yet went to Hebrew school during the day. He said one time he had a christmas tree with nativity scene and a monorah at the same time. Of course this guy would be confused. As we started figuring out who he was we noticed that he was very pesamistic about life and was wondering why we were here. After explaining over and over again he ended up answering his own questions, which was the amazing part. Sadly he said he wouldn't pray about everything we taught him BUT we left him with a commitment to write down all the things he was grateful for. I'm so excited to meet with him again and hopefuilly his family will be there too.

So this week has been really good for the most part but the most amazing part was noticing how the spirit guided us and how the Lord truely has a hand in this work. Both while tracting and with the Roberts we were lead to them by Spirit. With tracting we planned to go somewhere else by Elder Gardner's bike broke down so we had to go somewhere closer. With the Roberts we had planned to visit them last week but ran out of time. I'm just truely thankful for being worthy to be here so that I could be guided by the spirit. I know without it the mission would be impossible. The church is true, otherwise, the Lord wouldn't have blessed us and I know he is. I love and miss all of you but I'm finally having the time of my life and I don't want to leave. It's scary to think that today, I'm a third of the way done. Time goes by so fast here. Hope you have a great week. Love and miss ya!

Elder Leavell


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