Monday, March 1, 2010

Buenas Dias

Monday, March 1, 2010
¿Hola como estan? haha alright i'm done.

Anyways this is going to be a short email because I don't have too much time, once again (but of course that is a common theme in missionary work - not enough time) but I will send a letter to my mom and she will put it up. This week has been great, we had zone conference and that was really good. I learned a lot and, of course, I got to see some of the other missionaries that I used to work with. There was not of work done because I'm still sick, on ther hand, I'm getting better! YAY! It's been rough having to stay home and do nothing for countless days. So once again sorry this is so short, I'll write everyone soon. I love and miss you all. May you always maintain the faith that you already have, even if you haven't realized yet.

Elder Leavell


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