Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I might have mentioned that transfers were this past week and that I would find out this Wednesday where I was going, well...I'm staying in Gardena for another one. No surprise there but thought I would let you know, BUT there was a little change. Elder Isaacson will be my new companion. He is from some Podunk town in Utah so it will certainly be an interesting transfer.

Sorry I didn't get to email yesterday our zone leaders forgot to tell us until the day before that we were going to do some temple service yesterday. I'm so exhausted now haha. We had to tear out A LOT of carpet and the lockers, which by the way were heavier than me (yes we weighed them), while my companion was folding laundry. Some how that makes sense.

Any who...this past week has been a long one but a lot of things have happened in our area. Skip and Tony both have baptismal dates for the upcoming weeks so I'm super excited for that. What tops it off even more is that Tony came to church this past Sunday. That was one of the best feelings, to see the fruits of my labor, that I've had on my mission. Skip was going to come to church because he didn't want us to come over and wake him up but he then got upset with his wife so he decided not to go. LAME! We will be talking to him this Friday about that one. For some reason people here have a big problem coming to church. For example, the English ward that we go to has about 700 members and about 80 to 100 of them are considered "active." But with the less actives that we are working with they are making progress as well! The Ayosos came to church, except it was only the mom and the dad. Karl was also going to come but he was sick with the stomach flu. It really seems to me that he is becoming more and more interested and actually applying the things that we have to teach the family. He will soon get baptized, he just doesn't know it yet. Concerning the Roberts, Domi left to Texas so we went to her goodbye party on Saturday. At the party I don't think that it had hit their parents that she was leaving because they were their normal selves, jolly. Haha. So that pretty much summarizes the work that is going on here.

Well I got to go. Miss ya a bunch.

Elder Leavell


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