Monday, April 12, 2010

A Booming Area

Monday, April 12, 2010
The transfer is starting to pick up and everything is going by much faster. I can't believe that it's almost half way through the month already. Anyways how are all of you doing? Tell everyone I say hello for me.
Any far as updates of our area, here they are:
  1. Tony decided to be a bucket this week and not show up to his interview (TWICE I might add), so we had to postpone his baptism. It actually turned out really well because Elder Isaacson and I decided that talking to his parents would be the best so that they could show up to his baptism...surprisingly they were way supportive and said that they would most likely show up. WOO HOO! He is scheduled to be baptized on the 25th.
  2. Skip is doing soooo well, it is amazing to see all the progress he has made in the last couple months. He went from not interested to being extremely excited for his baptism. It's amazing to see his willingness and acceptance of everything that the Lord has asked us to do, for example, tithing. During this weeks lesson we decided to review the interview questions with him to make sure he knew everything he needed to know. Then the subject of tithing came up. He expressed his concern of how it would not only be hard for him but also his family, since they are going through some financial struggles right now. As we taught and shared the blessings of tithing, he still expressed these concerns and that is when the word "weight" came into my mind. At first I understood it to be "wait" but as it kept coming to my mind it became more clear-the weight on the floor. We told him to carry the weight (more like a dumbbell but whatever), arms out, for as long as he could (luckily he isn't the strongest person ever haha). Then after he could do it no more we told his family to join in and help and that's when the message finally came across. Once again the Lord showed me that He really does have His hand in the work and He prompts us to do His will and all we have to do is listen. Skip finally accepted the law of tithing and passed the interview. He is going to baptized on the 18th.
  3. Karl has finally accepted a baptismal date, but that is when we found out that he is on probation for a felony for a year and a half. LAME! I know that someday he will be baptized, I just might not be able to see it. So because of this bump in the road we decided to read him and the Ayoso family the book The Continuous Atonement. There is a lot of issues in the family because of the burden of having their daughter having her own child at the age of 18 and Karl is living with them. So I think that all of us could learn to use the atonement a little better in our lives. I mean who couldn't?
  4. Perez/Hernandez Family is freakin legit. So we found this family tracting and I'm pretty sure that I wrote this last week but oh well. Ivan and Isabel are a young couple with two daughters, unfortunately they aren't married. They had talked with the Jehovah's Witnesses for awhile but it didn't make much sense to them and when they saw us they knew their was something different. I wasn't there for this lesson but I'm going to explain what Elder Isaacson said. He said that when they taught them they started by teaching the daughter about the Savior and that's when the mom started to participate, in fact teaching part of it. He then commited her to come to church, to read the Book of Mormon, and then be baptized on the 25th. She said yes. Ya baby! And it doesn't stop there. I guess while they were talking about baptism she mentioned that she wouldn't let her husband not get baptized because this is something that they had both been looking for. I'm so excited for them to get married and then to be baptized.

Yesterday was a really special day for me. As a mission we are only allowed to go to the beach ONCE a year. Insane! Right? That is the best part about California because after all the smog over here can cut 5 YEARS off your life, so the beach is refreshing (literally) over here. The Beach was awesome. It's just the same as when I went last time. We were all worried that it was going to be raining because in the morning it was all cloudy and such but we decided to pray as a zone and it worked. So yeah I love it. But I think I learned why we aren't allowed to go every week. At the end of the day we were coming back from church and other meetings and dinner when Elder Isaacson's bike broke. He tried and tried to fix it so that we could make to it our last appointment on time. Finally, we had to go and walked to our appointment. That is when we ran into a lady named Tracy. She was raised Jehovah's Witness but when she left the home she went inactive. She said it wasn't for her. We talked about what we believed and she said "I knew there was something different about you. You can just see it." I know that we were meant to talk to her at that moment. If Elder Isaacons bike had not broken and we had not been obedient and continued working we would have missed the opportunity to teach her and her family. I know that the Lord really has a hand in this work. Without it this work, I know, would stop and because of that I don't think I will want to come back home when the moment has come. It's too special to leave and it's really humbling to see all the daily miracles that we see. I know the Church is true.

Love and miss ya,

Elder Leavell

P.S. Here are some pictures from the beach :)


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