Monday, May 3, 2010

Sabbath Day Worship like Never Before

Monday, May 3, 2010
Hello everyone, this week has also been another awesome week for us. We have found some new people and the people we have been working with are doing great. Of course, we have hit some bumps along the way but I know that if we put all our trust in our Heavenly Father that He will provide a way for us to accomplish everything that we need to do as His servants.

So I think I may have mentioned that transfers were this past week and I'm staying for one more, at least, in Gardena. It wasn't too surprising because our area is booming and they usually don't make changes when that happens, so I'm way pumped. I would have definitely been bummed if I got transferred. Really bummed. Anways...haha...Monday turned out to be an eventful day because of one thing-lack of communication. Since we didn't get a chance to get a hold of the dinner calender lady in our English ward we planned on not having dinner and going to the Ayoso's home for a big FHE with the Roberts because we assumed that there was no dinner planned out for us. Wrong. As we were with the Masudas people were calling like crazy so I finally had to answer the phone because, normally, that means it's an emergency. Wrong again. Turned out that the Sister planned out dinner for us with another family at 7:30, which happened to be right, smack, down the middle of the FHE we had planned. For some reason that always happens but something I have learned on the mission is to just roll with it. Eventually everything worked out, dinner was delicious and we had a great FHE. I just left Elder Isaacson to teach the whole haha...oh well.

As far as our investigators are going, all of them are doing well except for Ivan and Isabel. Tracy, Dalton, and Alisha all went to a baptism this last Tuesday and they all loved it until they heard about the baptism by fire. Haha. Tracy said that Alisha's eyes almost burst out of her head because she was so scared. I sat right next to Dalton and he was trippin too. Good times. We joked that we were going to put them both in the even and eat them haha. They are so solid. Karl is doing great but now he is slacking because of all the blessings he has received. Remind you of the pride cycle in the Book of Mormon? Well it does to me. Good grief, I thought we learned that lesson from them. Since he has been blessed with 2 jobs he doesn't come to church anymore, doesn't help around the house, all he does is sleep. So Elder Isaacson and I are going to have to smack some sense into him and get Him into gear. Now for Ivan and Isabel. This almost makes me cry. As we were weekly planning we were debating on what we should do with Ivan and Isabel and the Lord answered our prayers with a phone call. Isabel was crying on the phone and telling us that we can't come over anymore but didn't want to tell us why. As we worked things out and calmed her down she explained everything that had happened when we stopped by and taught Ivan. During our lesson with Ivan we taught the importance of the gospel and enduring to the end. The spirit was sooo strong and i know he felt it because his countenance changed while we were there-he seemed interested now. After not being able to get a hold of her we left and that is when things got crazy. (At this point in the phone call she started crying again) She continued and said that she wasn't feeling well and because she had to go to work shortly after we arrived she decided to seep it off. Apparently after we left Ivan got irate and almost hit her because she didn't come out. Sadly this hasn't been the first time he has done that. She continued to tell us that he is on drugs and an alcoholic and he gets mad all the time. That was her reasoning for dropping us. She didn't want to add the drama, she didn't want him angry at her anymore, she wanted to give up. As I was talking to her I felt a mere portion of what the Savior has felt and will feel for us. It hurt me to hear everything that she had to go through but as we explained to her that our trials are for own good, we grow from them and if we endure well by trusting in our Heavenly Father, all will turn out well. Gosh I wish things could all be better for our investigators.

This past Sunday, on the other hand has really shown me and given me a stronger testimony of fasting. Church was sooo awesome. Fast and Testimony meetings are always some of the strongest meetings in the church. But something special also happened, Mahea's baby was blessed yesterday and guess who did it? Brother Ayoso! That family has come such a long way it's amazing. I'm sooo happy that he got the opportunity to bless the baby but, more importantly, I'm excited that he has made the changes in his life to able to take part in such a special blessing. After sacrament meeting we raced over to the Spanish ward (we left Tracy and her family with some other missionaries-felt bad about that one) because Tony and Annelia and her family were going to come to church! That meant we had 7 people at Church! Annelia and her little 10 year old daughter came for the first time and the mom loved it. The little girl (can't remember her name...oops) was almost crying on the other hand. She didn't want to go to primary with the other kids and almost started crying when the other kids were excited to see her and wanted her to come with them. Her Mom said she was nervous because she didn't know what to expect since they are going to switch Churches and go to this one...wait was that commitment? It was so awesome to her the mom say that. To make the story short the little girl promised me she would go to primary next week. I promised her she would love it :) THEN, when church had finally ended for us, we went up to the temple with Tracy and her kids and watched the Joseph Smith movie. Once again the spirit was sooo strong. But after the movie we decided to take them on a temple walk, something we hadn't done before with our other investigators. Dalton, of course, was running all over the place, since he always hyper, but as I wad walking with Tracy and Alysha we got talking about the importance of a temple and the blessings we can receive from it and all that jazz. But I think that the best part of all of Sunday was when Elder Hetchler, my new District Leader, and I were going back to our apartment. We ran into this lady and asked her how she was doing (the usual). She said "Bad." We both stopped and talked to her and she explained to us why she was having a bad day. She told us "I just found out I got rapped 4 months ago." I didn't know what to say to that other than that our Heavenly Father loves us and cares for us sooo much that He is there for us when we allow Him to do so. We continued talking and asked her if she had heard of the Book of Mormon but that she had to go to the bathroom at McDonalds. We then realized that we didn't have any because we didn't have our backpacks, so we raced up to our apartment and ran to McDonalds trying to catch up to her. As we waited and waited she finally came out, best feeling ever. We then taught her and proceeded to teach her of the importance of the Book of Mormon. The spirit was sooo strong even though EVERYONE was starring at us and it was sooo LOUD in there. It truly taught me to always be prepared and to not worry about what everyone else thinks or says. It really is that important.

I love you all and miss you even more. MOM I can't wait to talk to you in a couple of days. Seriously, I'm so excited. DAD take care of Mom like you always do. Alright well hope to hear from you soon and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Till next week.

Elder Leavell


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