Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best Birthday EVER!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Hey what up peeps? How you all doing?I want to thank you all for all the wonderful cards and gifts that all of you sent me. I got a lot of food, of which I already had plenty but I guess I will have to make the sacrifice and eat...bummer...haha. I actually can't wait to dig in ;) Thanks once again for everything.

So on Monday for p-day we took cowboy pictures as a zone, well most of the zone, and then we played Frisbee as a zone for a solid 3 hours. We were all sooo sore afterwards it wasn't funny. The next day my foot started hurting but kept going and thought nothing of it. Wednesday came along and I could barely walk...so I'm other words we didn't do much except go to the Ayosos so I could ice it and Elder Isaacson looked like he was going to kill himself because he wasn't working.Then calmed down when he realized that there was nothing that he could do about it. THEN middle of the night came and all I heard was "shoot"and loud steps towards the bathroom. Turns out Elder Isaacson got food poisoning from the buffet that we went to eat with the members earlier in the day. No lie he was in there for an hour and a half, I felt so bad but after that he said that he felt fine and everything was good.Thursday came and we had CDM Interviews with the president, meaning that we had a training meeting with the zone and during the meeting we were taken out for interviews as a companionship with the president.We ended up being interviewed last because the ZLs thought that we could wouldn't care even if it ran late I guess, which is totally fine, but the interviews lasted longer than normal so instead of getting out at 12 we got out at 2. So much for a day of work haha. Now getting to the fun stuff, my birthday. I think that I can say that I have had a birthday party for the last couple days, I've sort of lost track (hope that isn't rude because I loved them all) haha. The down side is that I think I have gained like 5 pounds from this whole ordeal, so don't know how I feel about that. t Tracy and the fam's baptism I got a HUGE cup cake, the size of a small cake, from the Romos. Sister Romo apparently overheard that it was my birthday

Since time flies by here on the mission it's sometimes difficult to ponder everything that one has gone through until after the mission.This week was no different. This past week has been one of great celebration because of the baptisms that the Lord has blessed me with and for another year of life. But yesterday was an even more greater reason for personal celebration because yesterday was my two year anniversary (per say) being a member of this church. It's sometimes difficult to even comprehend how everything has quickly changed, it's even hard for members to believe but there is something that easy to comprehend, the gospel does change lives. I would be lying if I said going only on a mission after being baptized for one year has been an easy sail, frankly it's been horrific at times but I know that all the challenging times that have been placed in front of me have been their to refine me. I'm reminded of the story of the Stripling warriors and more in specific the faith that they had to go to battle and feared nothing because their mothers had taught them well. I too was taught well, I was founded on the everlasting principle of having a loving Heavenly Father that sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, to come and relieve us from the burdens that we often place upon ourselves. To this day that has still remained the same, just as the Stripling Warriors faith in their mothers and their mother's teachings remained constant during much shedding of blood. I'm deeply grateful for the example and the teachings that my parents have taught me and even more, I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father has placed me in a family that lives according to His standards. Even though, the basic principle of a loving Heavenly Father has not changed, many things have indeed changed, or should I say grown. My knowledge in the gospel has grown, my knowledge of the scriptures has grown, my love for my Heavenly Father has grown, and, more importantly, my eyes have changed to see how He sees everyone: with love. Once again these changes also happened to the stripling warriors. Because of the love they had developed for the teachings that their mothers had taught them they acquired more of a love for our Heavenly Father, which in turn created more of a love for the covenant that their parents had made with Him that led them to the decision to make the sacrifice for their loved ones and the most amazing part of this is that they were "led by the spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which [they] should [have done]." In a sense, I can relate, I took a leap of faith and followed the direction that the Lord had set me on without the knowledge of the things which I needed to do, have done, and will do. I have walked a blind road but God has been my eyes, just as He gave everything necessary to the Stripling Warriors in times of need. I know all these things are true and I know that the blessings will come through our obedience and our love for the Savior. I, also, know that sacrifice brings forth the blessings of Heaven.

I love you all. Know that I'am well and that everything is good. Till next week and once again thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Elder Leavell


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