Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Drum Roll

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
I think that I forgot to mention that transfers were going to be happening this week but it's ok because I ended up staying for another one. But I will not be here for another one. Rumor has it that everyone who has been called ASL is going back BUT the Arcadia mission is in need of one of us so one or two of the ASL missionaries that are here might be switching missions to train and to start up a program.We shall see, everyone is putting money on me because I've been out the longest but it's all up in the air. It would be cool I guess to switch missions. When all is said and done it's whatever and not important until it happens because we, as missionaries are just tools,and I'm glad I have no say because I don't know what is best. Anyways I hope that you are all doing well, my beloved friends an family,which leads me to a question? What is everyone doing for vacation? I promise I won't be jealous at all... ;)

Anyways this week has been an eventful week with normal first week meetings, which means not a lot was accomplished. That's nothing new though.Plus we were asked to switch apartments due to the "cholo"incident and because it has bed bugs now. Not cool. So we spent most of Wednesday moving and getting situated because we had youth splits starting the next night. So on Thursday night we started our 24 hour youth splits with Bryan Camacho and Michael de Los Santos and it was interesting to say the least. At DDM Michael gave a the opening prayer and Bryan gave the spiritual thought that I helped him prepare haha.Don't blame him we didn't tell him in advance but that's OK, as missionaries we hardly get any warning. After DDM we went off to work,Elder Richins stayed in the car with Michael while I walked the streets of Wilmington with Bryan. I don't think I have ever noticed that Wilmington is pretty ghetto. There were drug deals and people smoking, etc. like is was nothing. Haha. I decided to go through the area book and go through some names that hadn't been visited in awhile and we found a older man with tons of potential. His name is Robert,he had been taught by the Sister missionaries before and when we came in I guess he fell in the cracks. He even said he was curious why the Sisters had stopped coming. We taught him the Restoration again since he had forgotten it and I think it was one of the best lessons of the day, if not the best. He was almost crying and said that if it was true that he would have to follow and get baptized. I think that was the first time that has ever happened to me. The only problem is that he said is probably going to Mexico, for I don't know how long, and he said he just got involved with another church, so we will see what happens with that. The rest of the day we tried to visit people that ended up not being and/or now willing to open the door, so we decided to street contact. Probably not the best idea, considering that everyone here that is on the streets is either drunk, mentally handicap, or homeless. Luckily we didn't do that for too long since we had dinner, that was delicious by the way. THEN, of course, something has to go wrong on splits, especially with the youth of the ward. We were just chilling in our apartment right before bed when we heard some little cats meowing like crazy down below and they were doing that for about an hour, little did we know that it wasn't down below but right in front of our door. It was crazy. Two little kittens, who we later named Emma ans Meow, right in front of our door and it was almost 10:30. Freak! So we took them in for a little when we realized that we literally didn't have any food. All our cupboards are empty and it got us pretty down. So we gave them some of our milk and some animal crackers and they seemed to like it. We ended up keeping them for a night, which was awesome but they kept crying. Obviously we couldn't keep them so the next morning we took them to the shelter and that was that. Interesting way to introduce the youth of the ward to the mission huh? Thought so. Then the following day we went to the Pioneer Day Stake Activity for the Torrance and Palos Verdes Stake. It was so awesome there was jumpers and free food. A missionaries dream and the best part about it is that we got permission to go! Even better! So all of Saturday we were getting to know the members more and meeting everyone so that was nice, since it was a relaxed atmosphere.

As far as investigators we are slowly picking up our game again. We aren't tracting too much but that is mainly for one reason-members. Thanks to the wonderful members we have gotten a bunch of referrals and thanks to the English missionaries, we are also receiving referrals like crazy. One of the investigators that seems most promising is a member referral named Otto or Alex. We can't decide what his name is so we call him by both since he can't seem to make his mind either. Anyways he is an 18 year old guy who so happens to be a friend of the Chacons. He has been going to church for awhile but we are finally getting a chance to talk to him. We taught him a solid lesson on prophet that he seemed to like, especially because he just learned about them during church. We left him a pamphlet and told him to pray.From then he has been a little stubborn with the praying thing but we didn't hear about that until we met him at his house, without his lady friend. I guess he isn't that into her but she is, so it makes it awkward for him, plus he likes to play hard to get with her. Haha. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to his house and teach him there. He had a lot of great questions, which lead us into lessons 3 (gospel of Jesus Christ), where we mainly focused on faith because he mentioned that he felt awkward with praying to the man upstairs. Elder Richins then started talking to him about Jonah. I thought it was a little weird but I went with it. We made it into a more modern story,with modern objects like saying the wicked city he was asked to go to was Watts, etc. He enjoyed it and so did we, you got to make teaching fun since you do it every day, every hour, and every minute for two years. After some answering of questions and concerns he finally said that he would pray and that he would do the best that he could, which we all know that within itself is enough. He reminds me of me a little because he wasn't all that into religion until now but I know that as he continues reading the Book of Mormon and keeps trying to pray, with the intent of wanting to know that he will receive an answer, I know that because I know that I have received mine. Moving on, we are also teaching another family-the Morales. No they are not related to Horiel Morales from South Bay Zone, but they are a part member family that lives right next door to the Camachos. We have been teaching them on and off because they showed signs of interest, but then they would hide them, but now they are way legit. We had a good lesson with them yesterday and talked to them about the Restoration, sort of reviewing what they learned at church this past Sunday and from when we had a FHE with them at the Camachos. The wife wasn't there but the husband and the daughter were there and I know they felt the spirit. They really enjoyed church and said that it was really similar to the one that they had been raised and that they had seen the change in their son, who was baptized awhile ago, and they thought should check what it was all about. When we talked about the prophet Joseph Smith and explained the First Vision, they were all laughing but as soon as we shared his experience, it got silent and the spirit came in, stronger than I think I have felt it before, at least while we explained his experience. We commited them to pray to find out if it's true and to read Alma 32, chapter on faith, and they said yes. The amazing part about this is that on Thursday when we have our next lesson with them, our mission president, President Baker, will be there with us. How cool is that? I have never done that before, so I'm way nervous but way excited for it. I know that he is going to bring a special spirit for that lesson, I hope and pray that the entire family will be there for it. I think that is it for our investigators, at least are most solid ones. OH last week Nancy got baptized! She was the deaf lady that was dating the Samoan guy but left and so she left. Remember? Well she got baptized last week finally. I'm so excited for her since she was extremely prepared and now she finally went through with it.

Any who...I just got out of the temple, so that is why I didn't email on Monday. Sorry Mom for not telling you about that. I never remember until the following week and then it's too late to tell you. Since I haven't put up pictures in awhile here are some for all of you. ENJOY!
Holy Moly I finally found it!
The Andrades

Everyone meet Emma.
Love you all. Till next week.
Elder Leavell


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