Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of July

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
Well it's another pday and that means that you get to hear from me,what a joy right? Yeah I know it's pretty legit too. Haha. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, it was a first for me this go around because I was on the mission and holidays in the mission are always different. We didn't do much BUT I did get some sick pictures of the city all lit up from the roof of our apartment. So that was pretty cool I guess.

The rest of the week wasn't as enjoyable, it was pretty much the same as last week just without zone conference even though we had even more missionary meetings because we got a new mission president! Here comes a story. So on Tuesday we had set up a member present with Brother Torres at 10:30am with Victoria. Elder Richins and I were so excited for it because the member volunteered himself to come with us since he took her home. Of course something doesn't go the way we want them to. Our lovely APs called us the night before to tell me to give the opening prayer at a surprise "Get to meet the President" meeting and that I needed to be there early, he said "so around 10." Yeah I know it's during the lesson and so we freaked out because we bailed on her because of another surprise meeting that we had and the worst part was that she doesn't have a phone! So the morning before the meeting we were frantically calling the member trying to see if he could go there by himself with his wife because we couldn't go. He didn't answer but we left a message and hoped for the best. Turns out he didn't show up either since he called us that he got called into work. FREAK! I was so bummed that no one could make and we stood her up again. So right after that meeting we were thinking to head over to make amends but then our Zone Leaders decided that we should have another meeting with all the leaders in the zone. FREAK! That took us to about 5pm and by that time we had a lot of set appointments that we had to go to so we didn't even get to see Victoria that day. We felt so bad that the next day we went over there to try and make amends an set up another appointment but she said she didn't think it was a good idea since the last two times we didn't come but she said to call her the day of and she'll try to be home. I was almost balling and we know that isn't a good sight. FREAK! She was so ready and everything, it just shows that the adversary is working hard against this work. Anyways the Sisters told us to make her the best brownies we can make and hope for the best. So that is what we did but we didn't realize that we didn't have a pan until after we had mixed it and after some quick thinking we put it in a soup pot and stuck it in the over. Turns out brownies don't really poof up and it turned into some really thin brownies so we cut them into circles to make brownie cookies. They did turn out to be delicious by the way. After that whole ordeal we went over to her house and gave them to her and she really liked them and told us that we shouldn't feel sorry anymore because things happen. She didn't end up going to church this past Sunday because she had to go get paid from the other church since she had made some vests for them but she said she'll come this next week.

Phew, that was a longer story than I thought it was, but now onto the new mission president, which I know is what you all want to hear. His name is President Baker and, of course, his wife's name is Sister Baker. They are from Riverton, Utah and let me add one more thing, he is very different than President Blackburn. First impression was how did he know my name? Haha. I'm not going to lie, I'm going to miss President Blackburn, I learned sooo much from him, in the sense of how I need to be as a person. Yeah, he made us do things that we didn't want to do BUT they were necessary. I don't think I would be the same missionary if he hadn't been my mission president. I'm very hopeful that the new mission president will also teach me things that I also need to learn to become a better person. His wife is very nice lady, doesn't talk much but I'm sure that is because she is scared out her mind right now and is overwhelmed with information. At least I would be. Haha. I know they will do great, so keep them in your prayers they need them.

Alright back to the Santoyo Family, they are doing great. I have no complaints with them. I'm so excited for them and I can't wait to see their baptism. The husband came to church this last week and he also managed to find a SUV that could fit all of them. He said that he felt a little embarrassed for asking for a ride last time so he didn't want to come. I don't think he liked it too much since it was a little boring and the teachers were freaking out that they had an investigator come into their class. Guess they haven't had many of those in recent times. We did let them know that they were coming, so we will have to do some work with them so that they feel more prepared and are confident in what they are doing. The mom, Gabby is still doing great. It's so awesome. She is ALWAYS shacking her head as if she is agreeing with everything that is being said. The kids like if a lot too. From what we have heard with the mom, the kids have had some bad experiences with church and so they don't like it anymore but she is so happy that they like it now. Of course, it might not be because of the doctrine yet but I'm sure as they keep continuing coming to church that they will increase their testimony. Which reminds me, we were talking to Vanesa and Jonathon about prayer and the importance of prayer. We taught them lesson one, so on the restoration, and told them that they needed to pray and they did! A couple days later we went over and asked them how it went and they said they felt very happy like they never felt before and they said they know it's true. How cool is that? That a 11 and 9 year old can also gain a testimony the same way us old folks do. I don't think the husband will be ready for the 18th because he always cancels appointments that he makes with us but we will continue trying. If he shows progression we will postpone the baptism but if he continues to flake then we will baptize the mom and the kids and wait for the husband to turn around. The cool thing is that he knows he needs to change but doesn't want to stop his family from waiting. We are really praying for them that they can all get baptized at the same time because it will do wonders for all of them, especially the husband since he has a drinking problem.

WELL yesterday we had a HUGE soccer tournament as a mission and it was way sick. We had a whole soccer field to ourselves, so we played small games. I think I was more excited to see everyone than to actually play but that doesn't mean I didn't play. It was fun going back to my roots and playing and sweating and then the best part of getting sore. I miss that feeling. President Baker and his wife came as well so that was cool. On 4th of July it was way cool, we watch "Journey of Faith" as a zone and then we went home and watched all the fireworks. The entire city was lite up and fireworks were going off like crazy. A big mortar went off and tipped over and hit a house and now the house is burnt haha sucks for them. It was really funny actually.

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July and I hope that you all counted all the blessings you have from living in this wonderful country. Yes it's not perfect but we are way better off than many. I love you all and hope all is well.

Elder Leavell


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