Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Well hello there everyone. It's been a might fine week this past week. Sorry I didn't let all of you know that it was labor day yesterday. Wish I could have had a day off. Haha. Nah we sort of did since it was our P-day. Hope you are doing mighty fine and that you see the Lord's blessings in your lives. Aren't they the greatest?

As far as the past week, I'll start on the big news that most of you are waiting for. I stayed. Guess the city of Wilmington still needs me haha. Can't see why. Haha. But really. Anyways I'll be here in Wilmington for another 6 weeks so we will see what progress will occur for the time being. Now for the investigators. Bad news and good news, as usual. Robert, the guy, who Elder Bennett found isn't that golden as we thought. We went over there a couple of times over the past week and he wasn't there, but one time his daughter, Vanessa, was home so we taught her lesson 1. She wasn't all that interested but, none the less, she listened to what we had to say. Sunday came and Robert didn't come to church. Ended up his wife stayed home from work and so he decided to stay at home the entire day, as well. He told us that he hadn't been reading much of what we had given him but that he would read it in the coming week until he went to church. Cool. Not. He later then told us that he didn't want us to come over until he went to church to see if it is something that he wants to get into. Oh well. Hopefully he will keep his word, since he said he promisd this coming sunday that he would. Then with Franci, things haven't been moving with her, she has read but hasn't committed to anything else. We invited her to come to the Visitor's Center and she threw a huge curve ball at us and said that the reason why she doesn't want to come is because of a trust issue. I have no idea what she meant by that till this day. I have a feeling that we are going to have to drop her pretty soon since she isn't willing to come to church and see all the blessings that coming to church will give her. Also, the Zayes family didn't come to church, no surprise there because we had set up early morning appointments and he wasn't there for any of them. Over the past few weeks I think that things have really started to sink in and/or I'm starting to really understand the importance of the gospel and how much of an impact that it has had and will continue to have in my life. Yeah it might not be easy, in fact, it's way hard; but I know that as things move on and we learn from all the things that we go through that we will be made strong enough for the things to come and that we will be able to maintain our spirits high and in order. It's great how the gospel does that sometimes. Just enlightens oneself at the most random times and somehow it is when you most need it. I guess that is all the "bad" news that I have for the time being. Onto the good news. The Morales family is doing great! I can't believe how far they have progressed and how strong they are becoming. It's amazing to see the progression in them and the desire they have now to do the things that the Lord would have them do. We had the most amazing lesson to the other day and the best part is we didn't teach anything at all, the spirit did. On Sunday we went over there to check up on how church went for them. Gerardo was the only one home and he really liked it and was really surprised how quiet the kids were that particular service, since over the past few weeks that have been way loud (got to admit). We then asked him how his prayers have been going and seeing if he had prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet of the God. He said he had and then he went describing how he felt. He said that as he was praying he felt calm and not worried about anything else, like work, which he is normally always worried about; and that he felt good that there was a prophet on the earth today. At this point I was smiling like no other. He continued to describe how a particular face came into head while he was praying, the face of his cousin, who had fallen off the path at one point of his life. He went on for 10 minutes explaining the entire situation on how his cousin was in Mexico and was selling drugs and got caught but now is on the right path. We then asked him "why do you think he came into your head?" We waited there for awhile as he thought of why and he said so that we could learn from others mistakes. My smile was even bigger now. We then testified of how the good feelings that he was feeling and the peace and burning that was within him was the answer that he was looking for and that he needed to follow it. No lie we waited there for 10 minutes and waited for it to sink in that he himself had received an answer, it was so cool because the spirit was soooo strong and you could hardly move. He said ok, where do we go now? We commited him to be baptized on the 26th and he agreed. I'm so happy that I can count on the spirit to do the things that I, myself, cannot do. The best part is that we are going to be having a baptism in the coming weeks, I'm so excited for him. Even though we haven't been able to talk with the wife yet, we know that she will also commit to baptism, all she needs to do is to realize that she has received her answer, as well. It's great to see how hard work pays off with patience.

Sorry for the short email. I don't have much time. I'm so excited to be here and be a part of this great work, even that of Jesus Christ. I'm so proud and humbled to be a representative of Him and to be able to be a messanger to His children. It's truly an honor. I love you all and I know that if we look for the blessings we will find them. May the Lord be with you all. Till next week.

Elder Leavell


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