Monday, September 20, 2010

A Break from the Normal

Monday, September 20, 2010
Another week in the mission and another opportunity to be on the computer to talk with all of you. What a great day it is! Ha. Well this week has been a long week for me and I don't imagine that it is going to get any faster. Luckily I had some enjoyable times with some other missionaries and I got to think about how I have really enjoyed my mission thus far. It has truly been a blessing to be out here and learn everything that I have learned and hopefully I will continue to grow and become a better servant and representative of our Savior, Jesus Christ. How have all you been doing? I know I ask that every time but it was great to hear from all of you.

Anyways moving onto the week. Wednesday and Saturday I went on splits with Elder Apo and Elder Sung. It's crazy to think that Elder Sung is my District Leader again, just like good old times in Gardena. But before that we had the wonderful opportunity to somewhat take a break and do service for Anthony and Jenni. Since they are going to get married soon, their mom was kind and divided her house and is going to give it to them, meaning a lot of service hours for us! Woo Hoo! Love service. We painted, filled in holes, and did all the jazz, but the best thing was that I had to cook lunch for everyone one of those days. Now my parents know me well enough to know that I can't cook so whoever ended up deciding that I was going to be the cook, it back fired on them. Haha. It wasn't that bad though. I made some mashed potatoes (out of the box, of course) and cooked some fried chicken and made some orangeade (does anyone know what the difference between orangeade and orange juice is?). Later that Tuesday we had the opportunity to teach the Morales family and it was awesome! It ended up being only with the Dad but I think that in the long run it ended up being better that it was by himself so that the spirit could really testify to him that this is real and this is it. We started off by reading Mosiah 27, which is the conversion story of Alma and we didn't get that far into it when we started talking about the differences between all the churches. He said that he didn't really notice any difference between the Catholic, Christian, and LDS faith, except that the LDS faith really focuses on family relationships and unity within the church. He then asked us what we thought. As we responded, we mentioned that the main difference is that we know we have a modern day prophet and that he guides and leads His church and the entire world. We went forth sharing scriptures in the Bible, such as Acts 10, and in the Book of Mormon to explain that prophets are needed for the reason of unity. It reminded me of Ephesians 4 where it states the positions of the Church of Jesus Christ and says that it will remain until the unity of faith. We then asked him to pray right there and then to know if Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and he did. We waited for him to say something, letting the spirit touch him and then he said the coolest thing ever, "I know he is a prophet because without Jesus Christ we wouldn't have the church and everything that the church talks about is good." We were all really excited and he said that he couldn't wait for the 26th to get baptized. Gosh the spirit is amazing. It tells people things that we can't do, even as true representatives of Jesus Christ. Ahh good stuff right there. The next day was the first day that I went on splits. Not much happened, other than we walked all day looking for less actives in the Carson ward. It was really hot that day but it was good, had a lot of time to talk with Elder Apo. He is way cool, what's even funnier is that he is in the Samoan Ward now and he is related to almost half the ward haha. Friday we had a Morales day, had Posole at their house and it was really delicious. Then we reviewed the baptismal questions with him, he passed with us, unfortunately Francisca was not in the room the entire time so she didn't get to hear all of it. I don't think that she is going to get baptized this Sunday but I do know that with time she will be prepared and the Lord will reveal unto her that she knows enough and she is ready. Then onto the next day of splits. Gosh that was a terrible day, not really just wait. We had 3 dinners that day, of which 2 of them were planned and on bikes, making it the first time since I have been moved to Peninsula Zone. The first one was unexpected. We ended up going to a Samoan less active and they were preparing food, so the entire time I was trying to get out of there but Elder Sung just kept talking and we ended up having a plate set in front of us. 20 minutes later we ate dinner with the Holt family. It was great! Sister Holt is Japanese and she made us a ton of vegetable tempura with miso soup. We killed about half of it and we were stuffed but then she took out a bomb cheese cake. I had forgotten how good that stuff is, since I have been eating tortillas for most of my mission haha. Then 20 minutes after that we went to this Filipino home and ate another dinner and by this time I couldn't move. It was ridiculous. I told myself I would never do this again but now look at me. I felt so bad for the lady because we had gotten there about an hour late and she was mad, then we didn't even eat that much because, well, we were full to the max. I only had one plate and Elder Sung stuffed his face and went to the bathroom, meaning he spit it out in the bathroom. MISSIONARIES NEVER DO THAT THOUGH ;) The Sister ended up lightening up when her son, who is a return missionary, came out and we all had a great conversation. By then it was around 8:30PM and we couldn't move so we went home and made phone calls to get our peeps to church. The Morales family showed up and Francisca went to Relief Society finally. Hopefully she liked it, I didn't get the chance to talk to her about it but I know she will. Then we had a General Priesthood meeting for the stake. Gerardo came and he enjoyed it a lot. The Stake Presidency said that they would go to his baptism too! I guess Gerardo Jr. is good friends with them. Unfortunately that means we have to bring our "A" game for the baptism. No worries with the Lord on my side, I got this!

That is my week. It was great and slow at the same time, sadly. I hope that your weeks have been going well and that school isn't going to rough. Don't even want to think about that. I love you all and I hope that the Lord blesses all of you abundantly and you notice the blessings that He gives us daily. Miss you all too!

Elder Leavell


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