Monday, September 27, 2010

Like Father Like Son

Monday, September 27, 2010
Man oh man this week has flown by. If this keeps up the next few months won't seem like a long time haha. Hopefully all of you have had a wonderful time and have enjoyed some cooler weather compared to over here. It's in the 100s now and it's freaking rediculous.

To be honest we didn't do much teaching this week but we had a ton of service opportunities that have helped us find some new people. It's way excited. Plus we have been working with a bunch of less actives and part member families, so we are on our way to building the area back up again. But the most grandest news that I want to talk about is the baptism that we were blessed to witness of Gerardo Morales. It was so great to see him enter the waters of baptism. It was one of the more interesting baptisms that I've seen, apart from the ASL baptisms, which are inevitably different. First the font wasn't filled on time so we delayed it by 15 minutes, along with President Baker and the Stake Presidency showing up, putting a ton of pressure on us to make sure everything went according to plan. Sadly it didn't. We had asked Hermana Camacho to give the talk on baptism and ended showing up late because she forgot her camera of all things haha. It's funny how things end up. Also Francisca, Gerardo's wife, showed up late and we had to wait for her because of all the people who were there she needed it the most. We have been trying to get her to a baptism for awhile now and who better to see than her husband huh? The thing that was the most interesting was the few minutes before the baptism. Gerardo asked me to baptize him a couple of days before and I went along with it, knowing that things would not end up that way because, of course, his son-Moro/Burrito-was going to baptize him. Haha. So when were getting our clothes I still played along with it and explained how things were going to down and right before we were going to change I said, "wait I have to go get something" and that is when Moro walked in and had the big surprise. It was so awesome to have his son baptize him. That is any part member families wish, to baptize others who have committed to following the gospel of Jesus Christ until the end. Moro was almost crying when it was all done, partially because he was WAY nervous (i.e. he messed up the prayer like 5 times), I would be the same in that situation. We had a party afterwards and a bunch of the family came to, hopefully, show there support. I ended up talking to a few of them, they mostly had questions and it was great to have the opportunity to explain things to them. Who knows maybe the rest of the family will tag along?! That would be way legit.

The rest of the week we did a bunch of service for the Delgado family. We had a whole day with them from 9 to 9. We did some wood flooring for them and then went up to the visitors center with them, the Morales, and the Andrades. It was way cool to have a group that big. It was also just fun to be with a family the entire day. It felt weird sometimes, probably because it reminded me of my family (miss you!) We also had President's interviews, which are always an experience. They were short but to the point. Oh and we also had a huge FHE with the youth of the ward. It was fun. We taught the lesson and had a good time afterwards. Sorry fot the short email, my head hurts. Hope all is well. Love ya all!

Elder Leavell

Gerardo's Baptism
P-day Activity: Hiking in 102 weather-not a good idea.

A not so friendly Peacock at a dinner.


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