Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain or Shine

Monday, December 20, 2010
Well it's raining over here and I mean raining. It's been raining for the last couple days. We almost died come down from the mission home but everything is fine don't worry. It's amazing to witness the power of singing and prayer when in times of danger. I started singing (since my companion can't) and everything calmed down and I felt like everything would be ok. I love this gospel so much and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Despite the rain we have been so blessed and I think that this Christmas has been the greatest Christmas that I have ever had. I think that I have realized even more that this isn't about me but about you! There is great joy in serving and I don't think when the time gets closer that I will want to give this up.

On Tuesday Walter and Cathalina asked us to go to the court to get their marriage license. First off I didn't know you needed one to get married, so they found it very comical that I didn't know. After awhile I found it pretty comical but until then I was like, hey come on how should I know that? Haha. It took a long time so we were there talking and resolving some concerns that they had. On Wednesday we took Walter and Cathalina to the Visitor's Center where we heard the Calderons perform a concert. It was great. They did two languages at the same time, Spanish and ASL (they had an interpreter). After the concert we took a bunch of Christmas pictures next to all the lights and Nativity scene. It was awesome. It was like being a little kid in a candy store. Then the funniest thing happened, Annabel will kill me in a couple of years when she reads this, if she does, but hopefully by then she will find it comical. As we were taking pictures all of the sudden Annabel said she had to go to the bathroom and unfortunately the bathroom isn't that close to where we were. Yes, you can make the assumption and yes you are right. She didn't make it and what made things worse is that it wasn't number 1 but number 2. So that made everything very interesting but luckily it was a perfect time (if there could ever be such) since we had to leave. Haha Cathalina was a little mad at the situation but you can't get, just laugh at the things that happen to us in our daily lives. Yet again I wasn't the one who had to change her so who am I? On Friday I went on splits with Elder Cordy and we had a good time getting reacquainted. We finally contacted Juan Puentas, but we caught him at an awkward time. He was going to his son's funeral so we said hello and gave our condolences. But I think that the best part of the day was tracting. My goodness was it good to go out tracting and what made it better was that it was raining. Since we are in a car all day it was good to be outside and talk to people. Don't take talking for granted, it is a wonderful blessing. The people might have thought that I was a little over barring but it was totally out of excitement, I promise. But I think I will have to give the gold star to the weekend not the week days this week. We had to the wonderful opportunity to go to Walter and Cathalina's wedding. It was my first wedding on the mission so it made everything better. I'm so proud of them. The wedding was at Walter's aunts house and it was outside. It was pouring when we got their and we were a little worried but they had an awning and a blue tarp in the back. It was quaint. It was awesome I don't think that I could say anything else. Here are some pictures.


Then the very next day it topped everything off with a cherry on top, it was their baptism! This is why I think that this is the very best Christmas that I have had ever. It was great to witness and perform the baptism, Juan Sr. baptized Cathalina. It was great. I'm so happy right now it's not even funny. For reals.

I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas. May the Lord bless you all with great joy and peace. Remember why we celebrate this wonderful season and you will be blessed. Living the gospel is more important than learning it. I know that to be very true. We must live what we teach. I hope that you all look to the Savior and have a wonderful Christmas. Oh thanks Mom and Dad for the hugge box that you sent. I haven't opened it yet, but I'm way excited. Love you and miss you all.

Elder Leavell


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