Monday, February 14, 2011

MIracle, after Miracle

Monday, February 14, 2011
So I think that this is the first area that I don't want to leave. Not saying that the other areas were bad or anything of the sort but for reals, I don't want to leave this area and I'm hoping that my companion and I will stay another transfer in the area. We finally have things rolling over here and everything is working out great. We have been extremely blessed this week with many miracles and I'm thankful for all of them, even the minor ones. There is a true correlation between obedience and blessings and I know that I will learn that more and more through out my life. I hope that all of you have been doing all you can to prepare to receive all those blessings that I know our Heavenly Father is waiting to give to us, the blessings are innumerable.

This week has definitely been a week of miracles. At church this week in the Pacific Palisades ward we had a walk in and apparently that hasn't happened in a very long time and the guy, Willis, seems to be pretty interested. In my opinion that was the greatest miracle that I have seen occur while my time here in the area. I have never had that experience before and I hope that he continues to have that same desire that he showed us when we meet with him tomorrow. We are both way excited. Going in a little bit more of chronological order, on Tuesday we had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Jennifer and see their horses do their thing. It was pretty cool. They have a sand arena nearby and so we took them over there and the craziest thing happened. The rolled over like dogs. Didn't know that horses did that haha. It was pretty rad. Not going to lie. But it doesn't end there. On our way back Brother Routledge tried to slow the cars down and he noticed one that was going to whip right past them and so he threw his crop (think that is what it's called) and the driver got mad. He drove back and started yelling at him, even though he didn't hit the car, and then threw a bag at the horse while he was on it. Naturally the horse flipped out and he almost fell off. Then the driver zipped past them and didn't notice that it was a dead end so he came back and Brother Routledge tried to stop the car and the one guy ran into to him, then drove off. It was crazy. The cops found the guy the other day and let's just say it isn't going to go too well with him. Epic fail. Anyways the next day I went on splits with Elder Thiriot, crazy how things change on the mission. He is our zone leader and I don't think that I have mentioned before but he lives in the apartment right under us. We had a good day and met with a ton of people that are normally pretty hard to contact. We met with Chantel and had a great lesson at the Visitor's Center. Spirit is always very strong in that building, just have to have the real intent to find it. After that we went to stop by Ruth who is was another miracle that we had during the week. Ruth is an awesome lady. She has 3 boys and a kid on the way and her husband is working a lot so he is hardly home, none the less she keeps it all together. Her husband isn't a member and Ruth hasn't been to church in about 9 years, ever since she moved over to the Palisades. She has admitted that she never really had a strong testimony of the church, ergo, not very active. The week before we had invited her to read the Book of Mormon, the Joseph Smith history section at the front so she could have a better understanding of all that. She hadn't read it sadly. But it was a great opportunity for us to teach the importance of why we read the scriptures and what the blessings are from doing them. The coolest thing happened during the lesson. As we were reading the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, one of her boys asked something and she asked him what he expected to happen and that lead us to asked her what she was expecting to get from reading the Book of Mormon. She thought about it and responded that she hoped to have a stronger testimony of Jesus Christ. We had the biggest smile on our faces since we had just gotten to the last two paragraphs and her hope was one of the promises that those two paragraphs gave. We read it and her face changed to an ecstatic face and she then promised that she would read them and told us to come back on Friday. We failed on that end because we forgot about DDM that was at 3 this week since the Sisters were in the Visitor Center for the morning shift but we went by Saturday and she had the biggest smile. She told us that she had read 3 Nephi 11 and she was happy that she did. We didn't get too much time to talk to her but she was happy. It was awesome. The other miracle that happened during the week was how we got to meet Annemarie Brown, who is a less active in the ward. She is another awesome, interesting lady. She trains German Shepards for a living, tutors a kid that is getting ready for med school and random kids in the area, and she is training her granddaughter who is preparing for the Olympic Horseback riding. How crazy is that? She said that the Olympic Horseback riding President called her and told her that she had to do it because he believed that she would win it even though she was only 16. The crazier part is that her horse is $3.5 million. Didn't know they got that expensive. Speaking of expensive things, she has 3 German Shepards that each cost about $20,000 but they are troopers. She is world renown for training those kinds of dogs since she can train them to do anything-police dogs, army, search and rescue, you name it. She told us of a story of a lady, that had epilepsy, who went to the store and came back and no one was home. That is when she dropped and had an attack and the only being that was there was her dog. She told the dog phone and the dog couldn't find it but somehow connected that she had gone to the store so its probably in the car. The dog managed to get in the car somehow, went to the purse, took out the phone, and brought it back to the lady and saved her life. That must have been nuts. After talking for awhile we noticed that her schedule was a mess and it was a miracle that we met with her because it was a needle in the hay stack. It was awesome.

I'm so thankful to be in the area. I am so happy doing what I'm doing and I hope that all of you enjoy the same. The gospel is true. It brings blessings in our lives that we cannot explain but are true. I love you all and miss you too. Till next week. Over and out.

Elder Leavell

the dog horses

went on a hike today.


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