Monday, April 18, 2011

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Monday, April 18, 2011
Hello hello. It's been a week with a bunch of crazy events that have happened one day after the next. What's even more crazy is how another week has flown by. The weeks are getting faster and faster every time. I hope all of you are doing well and are enjoying what you are doing. It's great being here on the mission and serving others, there is truly no other thing that brings this much joy even though it is a lot of work. I'm glad that I decided to go on a mission and help others come unto Christ and help them build a relationship with Him to increase their joy.

We met a new family this last week, the Odians. They are a part member family that have been taught for awhile and have gone through a bunch of missionaries. Turns out that the husband is the member and has always been less active, the wife said "jack" but less active sounds better, more hopeful I would say. They like the church but because the wife nor the kids have grown up as a church-going people they have never felt or had the desire to go to Church. We had a nice conversation trying to get to know them and it was good seeing how the gospel has blessed them with a light that they probably don't see. They love tennis and the outdoors so Malibu is perfect for them haha. Anyways we talked about prayer and how that is the driving force that leads the members to do what they do. They liked the idea of receiving an answer through their prayer and said to come back the following week. Way excited to teach them and see their faith grow. Hopefully they will progress and be able to partake of all the blessings of the gospel and see their lives change. There is really nothing greater than being obedient and, in turn, being blessed. The funny thing is that you would think that is the opposite but it totally is not. Love the scripture that takes about the first being last and the last being first. And to the society today that seems to be contrary. But it is so true. Being selfless, as a missionary, has brought more joy into my life despite I do nothing for me. It is the best cure for anything. I wish I could have discovered that at the beginning of my mission when most missionaries struggle because they are out of the norm. But I'm glad I have noticed it now. We also visited with Ruth and had a good time with her. We had a good lesson on how agency is based upon knowledge. Related it to the gospel in the sense that one of these days she is going to have to teach her children the same things that the church stands for and hopefully it wouldn't be too late for her. Don't know how she felt about the lesson but I know that it made her think about how she wants to raise her children and who she wants them to become. I'm so thankful for my parents and having them take me to church those countless times that I didn't want to go. There are true principles in gospel living and those principles are only founded on the teachings of Jesus Christ. After all He is the only perfect person to walk to earth, I know of that because I know that as I have strived to follow His footsteps that it has brought forth many blessings that are good. There are so many good things in the world we just got to know where to find them. Chino also came back this last week. So it was good meeting with him on Sunday. Oh and I almost forgot that we met up with the Aldens this last week. It is always fun to meet up with them. They are those kind of people who are down to earth and help you relax somehow. Brother Alden told us a story about fireworks when he was younger. He said that when we was younger he shot off some bottle rockets with his friends up in the air, not really thinking about the consequences of doing that. Now the consequence in this case is definitely not one that you would expect in any case haha. He said that there were bats in his city and one time he shot one up in the air and the bat swooped down and caught it thinking that it was a bug. Of course, the bottle rocket blew up and the bat came spiraling down dead. I think that this is one of those stories that you have to hear but it was funny haha. He invited us to share that story with someone and relate it to the gospel. Haven't had the chance to but I'm determined. There are so many things that can relate to the gospel in that story. If any of you have any ideas let me know I would love to hear them!

As a pre-disclosure, I'm OK, everything is OK and so there is nothing to worry about. On Tuesday we went to the Odian's house, a part member family that the Bishop asked us to go visit. On our way there we saw two horses walk out of a driveway and we kept looking to see if there was someone following them. Turns out that there was no one home and the horses got loose. Dad I think they were quarter horses but I could be wrong, you probably would have liked to see them. Anyways since a bunch of members over here in Malibu have some horses I knew that two horses by themselves is not a good thing so we called some members that lived down the street and they literally dropped everything (he was on the phone for a job interview) and came to help us with the horses. Funny thing was that by the time they had gotten there, which couldn't have been more than 3 minutes, 3 or 4 cars pulled up asking us who's horses they were and if everything was OK. Luckily we saw what driveway they came from and got them put back to where they belong. The cool thing was that they were really tame and with my "horse training" that I learned from the members I approached them calmly and got something to tie around their neck and they were perfectly fine with it. Feel a great sense of accomplishment if I saw so myself. Haha. Of course this would only happen in Malibu but I still feel blessed for the opportunity to serve in various way on my mission. Alright the other thing was pretty scary, not really, just something that you don't necessarily want to happen, especially when you want to go home because you are tired. As we were driving down our road to get to our apartment we saw a bunch of cop cars blocking the way with their cars and tap and it so happened to be in front of our apartment. We tried to go the back way and still they had it blocked off so we were stranded trying to figure out what we were going to do for the night. Turns out that in the apartment right next to us (this is everything that the neighbours have told us; didn't want to know too much but they told us none the less), an ex-boyfriend of a girl who recently moved in got way mad because she had a new boyfriend in a new apartment. He got mad and started attacking the girl with a knife. The boyfriend ran off to go and try to get some help but the neighbour beat him to it. She called the police and the police came over and shot him since he didn't put the weapon down. Sad story. We don't really know what happened to the girl, we think that she is in the hospital and so yeah. Bummer. They eventually let us into our apartments, probably because they figured out who we were and weren't going to do anything that would do any harm to the crime scene. None the less, it was an eventful night with a lot of noise and lights the entire night. No worries everything is OK. I don't live in the ghetto actually, every member that knows where we live think that is a good area to live in. Just a freak event in the area.

Well sorry for the short email. Always busy. Hope all is well. Love you so much and miss you too. Peace

Elder Leavell


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